A day at PotSpot

January 27, 2009

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone’s new year is off to a good start. Mine has been busy. I’m busy completing my last semester of college, getting business stuff ready for this years seniors and families, and just trying to complete everything on my to do list in a timely manor! I am trying to leave a little room for fun as well, and I had a really great time the other week with Amanda at PotSpot in Avon.

Amanda and I have been wanting to paint some pottery for a while now and I heard great things about PotSpot so we had to go check it out! Amanda and I are obviously not their most common customers. The place is perfect for little kids and as soon as I walked in I knew it would be a great place for any of my clients to bring their kids. They had so many things to paint and it was difficult to choose! Amanda and I had a fun 6 hours there (yes SIX  HOURS!) and we walked out with three pieces of pottery done!

So, if you are looking for something to do on these cold winter days we are having this year, go check out PotSpot! It is really a lot of fun!

PotSpot Hours:

Monday: By Appointment
Tuesday: Noon-7pm
Wednesday: By Appointment
Thursday: Noon-7pm
Friday: Noon-7pm
Saturday: 11-6pm
Sunday: 1-5pm

Phone: 320.356.2233
Website: www.potspotavon.com
Blog: www.potspotavon.blogspot.com

Go check it out! Go have some fun!

Here are a few photos of Amanda and I hard  at work! 🙂


Aydree turned ONE!

November 11, 2008

I had a lengthy paragraph written for this post but my computer gacked and erased it all… SO … I don’t know if I should try and remeber what I had all written or just keep it short and sweet and just share the photos!

Aydree made a trip down to Willmar to meet me so I could photograph her in the studio for her one year photos. I love watching her at this age. She just seems so smart, and personality filled ever since she started walking. She isn’t a little girl anymore. She seems so big now that she is running all over the place. I had a fun afternoon with you Aydree. I hope you aren’t sick of me torturing you with my camera yet, cause I know that I am not even close to being done with photographing you!

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Late, but better than never!

November 10, 2008

Only a month and a half late on posting this but it is for family, and I think they can handle it! I took Caiden’s three month photos back in October, and since it was a little cold that day I decided to try out some new studio lights indoors. I managed to complete the session, but being inside and using studio lights really made me love my on-location shooting so much more! The next day the sun decided to be our friend so we went out and did a little family shoot as well. Enjoy!

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~Adam –Adam Hommerding Photography – Central Minnesota’s Contemporary Portrait Photographer

Well as the title says it, the shoemaker’s children have no shoes. Same goes for the Photographer’s family who has no family portrait!

We decided to change that this weekend and I hired my girlfriend (also a photographer), Amanda, to come and take a quick shot of our family. Quick it was with two young children and a group of men who would rather be doing other things on a hot and humid sunday afternoon, but we manged to get one shot that we can finally put up in our home! It is not the best there is or the most creative portrait, but at least I can finally say that my family has a family portrait!

So here it is. Shot four from the total of eight shots we took. I’d say we did pretty well!


The real thing

July 12, 2008

I have already introduced my little nephew, Caiden, on the blog, but the photos I shared were not from his newborn session, so I thought I better give him a proper introduction by sharing a few sneak peeks from his newborn session that I did on Wednesday night. Caiden was a good little model and only requested a few bottles and diaper changes while I was there. He is growing so fast. He seams to change every time I see him, so I hope we captured him well enough for him mom and dad to remember him on day 10! Krissy, Billy, and Caiden- Enjoy!

~Uncle Adam

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