tutu, birthday hat, giggles, and pouts- GRACE

February 25, 2009

I met little Grace last year after her mom and I met each other at Ridgewater College where we attend school for Photography. (her mom is Darcie- “the queen of pink, damask, leg warmers, and everything girly!”) Darcie has begged me to photograph her girls for some time now and I finally gave in. Why now? I don’t know. But now that I know how much fun it was to photograph one of her girls, I know I will not put it off this long ever again!

Darcie came to me with an idea ( i secretly think she is trying to get me off my modern funk by inserting a little girly flair into my session! lol) Grace is soon to turn 4, and Darcie had a hat and tutu made for her birthday. My job was to photograph her for her invite and I love how they turned out. I had so much fun photographing Grace. She is such a sweet, happy, funny, and beautiful little girl. Darcie and Luke- you make the best little kids!

The tutu and the hat were made by Darcie’s good friend, Jessi, who sells really awesome birthday party supplies for little kids. Her business is called Polkadots & PiratesYou NEED to look at her Etsy site and blog. She is super creative and awesome to work with.

Click on the banner to go to Jessi’s Etsy store. A link to her blog is below as well!


Polkadots & Pirates Blog

Thank you Grace for being so sweet, Darcie (and Luke) for creating such a cute little girl, Darcie’s mom and grandma for bringing Grace into school for the session, and Jessi for making such cool stuff!

~Adam –  Central Minnesota Children’s Photographer


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