Aydree turned ONE!

November 11, 2008

I had a lengthy paragraph written for this post but my computer gacked and erased it all… SO … I don’t know if I should try and remeber what I had all written or just keep it short and sweet and just share the photos!

Aydree made a trip down to Willmar to meet me so I could photograph her in the studio for her one year photos. I love watching her at this age. She just seems so smart, and personality filled ever since she started walking. She isn’t a little girl anymore. She seems so big now that she is running all over the place. I had a fun afternoon with you Aydree. I hope you aren’t sick of me torturing you with my camera yet, cause I know that I am not even close to being done with photographing you!

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Late, but better than never!

November 10, 2008

Only a month and a half late on posting this but it is for family, and I think they can handle it! I took Caiden’s three month photos back in October, and since it was a little cold that day I decided to try out some new studio lights indoors. I managed to complete the session, but being inside and using studio lights really made me love my on-location shooting so much more! The next day the sun decided to be our friend so we went out and did a little family shoot as well. Enjoy!

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~Adam –Adam Hommerding Photography – Central Minnesota’s Contemporary Portrait Photographer