An Addition to the Family

October 29, 2007

Below are a few sneak peek photos of the soon to be “most photographed girl in the world”. (If that is even possible to get that title!) This is my new little niece, Aydree, and she is only a week old in the photographs. She liked to be wrapped up for the session, so we kept her bundled to make sure she stayed asleep. Keep an eye on the AHP Website for Aydree’s entire gallery, coming within the next two weeks.

I know that after I post this, many people will ask me if I do newborn photographs. At this time I am not accepting newborn sessions. It involves a lot of pre planning that is very dependant on the sun and light levels in your home. I hope to accept newborn sessions in the future, but at this point in time I do not have the time needed to organize these types of sessions.

Here are the photos: (please click on large thumbnail to view the entire image)



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Boelter Family

October 10, 2007

Last weekend I had the opportunity to photograph the family of one of my high school friends. I have to tell you, it is great to have a family that knows how to have fun and can follow intruction. Brittany has been buging me to post a few of the images, so here is a little sneak peek. Brittany this post is for you! You will have to wait for the rest of the images until they are posted in a couple of weeks. Enjoy!